Comparison between white hat jr and Codekaroyarro

WhiteHat Jr

WhiteHat Jr is a Mumbai-based Edutech startup founded in November 2018 which focuses on teaching coding, data modeling, robotics to young kids between the age of 6 to 18 years. Karan Bajaj is an Indian American entrepreneur and the founder and Ceo of WhiteHat Jr.

WhiteHat Jr has a solid curriculum to teach kids how to code from beginner level to expert level. WhiteHat Jr consists of four curricula from beginner level, intermediate level, advanced level, and professional and applied tech. The students at WhiteHat Jr are encouraged to create games, animations, applications on their own. They work on a 1:1 online teaching format which is a very unique feature of this online format. There is some unique certification module for the age group of 15-16-year-old kids. They teach the fundamentals of coding-logic, Structure, sequence of algorithm thinking to enable kids to generate innovative ideas, creative outcomes like website game apps.

The WhiteHat Jr consists of 400,000 students with 3000 teachers. With 10,000 classes per day. After completion of a course, they even provide a certificate of completion of the course. This company was started with the mission to empower kids to become creators versus consumers of technology.

They even have a Program named SILICON VALLEY. The silicon valley Program is comprised of an all-expense-paid trip to Silicon Valley California, USA Where the winner will get to visit a top Tech start-up. And a chance to meet the young tech entrepreneur. This program of silicon valley happens twice a year in May and December. The students who have completed at least 40 to 44 classes are invited to the silicon valley challenge with their idea and along with the working prototype. The trip consists of at least 7 days.

Now talking about course prices. So WhiteHat Jr consists of 5 courses Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional, Applied Tech. And the prices are Introduction to coding(5,999), App developer Certificate (33,999), Advanced Coding space Tech(99,999).


CodeKaroYaaro is a Maharashtra(Vidarbha) Edtech startup Founded in August 2020. This company was founded by a team of academicians and IT experts. Payal Badhe is the founder of the company. CodeKaroYaaro is started with the vision of making every child literate in computer science and to generate a caliber of coding to enhance life experience. They want to develop the thinking idea of every child, by advancing Computer science with new technologies and supporting them in a bright future. They have a mission to create awareness and nurture children’s creativity. They are empowering kids to make them a computer science expert. Currently, they are teaching 2000+ students.

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They have a highly educated staff of 45 teachers from the very reputed college of engineering. And they have conducted 8000+ classes. They have designed a specialized curriculum for the kids. The most amazing thing about this company that they teach kids 1:3 or if parents ask for special classes of 1:1, they even provide those classes. They have their coding channel on youtube where they put videos for kids on the computer like
● How to use a computer?
● What are the specifications of the computer?
● About keyboard mouse etc.

They have an advanced educators’ learning system with 5 courses
1.Basic Courses- Consist of 8 sessions having a price course of (1,600).
2.Starter Course -Consist of 48 sessions having a price course of (9,120).
3.Explorer Course - Consist of 144 sessions having a price course(25,920).
4.Freelancer +Researcher's Course- consists of 200 sessions having a price course (34,000).
5.Pioneer Course- Consist of 300 sessions having a course price (48,000). They even have a yearly plan for children. This yearly plan has a monthly installment. If parents can’t afford a particular course so they can select this yearly plan accordingly.

As we compare both the online platform, these are some comparisons between CodeKaroYaaro and Whitehat Jr.I personally like CodeKaroYaaro because they take a lot of sessions at a low price.